Death and Breakfast by Cynthia Raye

Death and Breakfast

Death and Breakfast: A Cozy Mystery Book by Cynthia Raye
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

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Larissa Forsyth has bravely decided to leave everything behind, including her position in the corporate world and start managing the bed and breakfast she has unexpectedly inherited. She has always been a dynamic woman and she knows this is the fresh start she deeply needs at this stage of her life. However, as soon as she starts her new idyllic life, she is hit by the most unforeseeable tragedy… No one could have prepared her for the shocking murder that would take place in room 13, a room that was already surrounded by haunting rumours.
Even after this horrific incident, Larissa refuses to believe that the Salt Rose Inn is haunted and that ghosts of the past are roaming its halls. Evil spirits are actually the last thing on her mind, as the accusations for the murder of her former boss, Duncan Kroger, feel like a much scarier threat against her. To make matters worse, Ty Reynolds, the dashing police-chief and Larissa’s former boyfriend, seems determined to arrest anyone within proximity regardless of their innocence. This only leads to Larissa inevitably taking justice in her own hands and starting to eliminate the suspects herself. However, when another loyal employee is arrested for the murder, Larissa is forced to dig deeper, faster and into a friend’s past for clues…
With mysterious sounds coming from the vacant rooms and the perfume scent of a dead woman lingering in the air, truth and fantasy quickly blend into an unreadable mix that makes this case even more challenging. Having her one time fiancé, Henry Gallagher, by her side might be encouraging, but everything else around her seems to be dangerously closing in on her. Will Larissa be scared away from the truth and give up on the case for good? Or will her thirst for justice haunt her conscience so much that she won’t be able to find peace until she exposes the killer?

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