Death at Burwell Farm by Betty Rowlands

Death at Burwell Farm

Death at Burwell Farm by Betty Rowlands (Sukey Reynolds #4)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 325 Kb

Death at Burwell Farm :A rambling old house, surrounded by a gorgeous rose garden with an elegant fountain, looks too perfect to be true. But could this beautiful place be the link between a string of peculiar deaths?

Sukey Reynolds is photographing the scene of a burglary at Burwell Farm for the police, when she finds herself drawn to the crumbling building and peaceful surroundings. Burwell Farm doesn’t grow crops or raise animals, but as a retreat, the owners do make some extraordinary claims about healing the soul…

But before Sukey can get too intrigued, she’s called to another break-in at the house of a young widow, whose husband spent a great deal of time at… Burwell Farm. Sukey starts to wonder if there is something more sinister going on behind the perfectly manicured lawns…

After her police colleagues refuse to take her suspicions seriously, Sukey decides the time has come to do some sleuthing on her own. But who is the thorn in the rose garden? Is it the beautiful receptionist, the gardener with a secret to hide, or perhaps the leader who inspires such devotion?

Then someone is murdered in the garden of Burwell Farm while she is there and Sukey realises she has landed herself in deep water. Can Sukey solve the mystery that has blighted this stunning house? And can she catch the killer before they turn on her?

A completely addictive murder mystery for fans of P.D. James, Faith Martin and Joy Ellis that will have you hooked from the first page!

“Sukey paused with a forkful of cold chicken halfway to her mouth. ‘Whatever for?’ she asked. ‘I mean… I know you and Anita have been an item for quite a while, but—’

‘I suppose they just feel it’s time they got to know you better,’ said Fergus. He was paying close attention to his plate and did not meet her eye.

‘It wouldn’t have anything to do with this RYCE business, would it?’

‘What makes you think that?’ he countered. His voice lacked conviction.

‘Gus, you aren’t very good at dissimulation.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Covering up. It’s your new word for today. Well?’ Sukey persisted as he remained silent.

‘I suppose it’s bound to come up in conversation.’

‘You mean, they know Jim’s a policeman and they want to pick his brains.’

‘I’m sure it’s not only that – they’ve been saying for some time that they ought to get to know you better,’ Fergus repeated. ‘Truly, Mum. But Adrian really is very worried and, well, I sort of suggested that maybe Jim could advise them… or maybe know some way they could check up on the people who run this place.’

‘You mean, it was your idea?’

‘Sort of. You’re not angry, are you?”

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