Death Be Rising by Katie Epstein


Death Be Rising by Katie Epstein (The Terra Vane Series Book 7)
English | 2020 | Urban Fantasy, Parnormal | ePUB | 2.8 MB

Katie Epstein is an author of fantasy and paranormal romance, including the sub-genres: fantasy romance, urban fantasy, fantasy mystery, shifter, witch and vampire romances if she can type fast enough. Give her a supernatural twist or a fantasy world any day.

My name is Terra, and I’m a Psychic. I have visions, but even with them I could never have imagined what stands in my path today. An undead horde has arisen in Seattle, and stands dormant in an abandoned mall. Though the soldiers at the perimeter refer to them as ‘Infected’, I know better, and I know who’s behind it. After all, one of the Portiside Prison escapees does happen to be an extremely dangerous necromancer.

Something about this whole situation doesn’t feel right; every fiber of my body is screaming that it’s a trap. But the longer we wait, the stronger this psycho gets. Right now, I need my partner more than ever, but he’s fighting his own internal battle and needs me too – in more ways than one. Even with the whole team behind me, I know it’s going to be a tough battle, and I just hope we’re all still walking at the end of it – preferably alive.

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