Death by Auction by Alexis Morgan

Death by Auction

Death by Auction by Alexis Morgan (Abbey McCree Mystery, book 3)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Not only did Abby McCree inherit her aunt’s house in Snowberry Creek, Washington, she inherited a handsome tenant and a whole lot of trouble . . .

It’s hard to say no to Tripp Blackston. That’s how Abby found herself on yet another committee, organizing a bachelors’ auction to raise money for Tripp’s veterans group. The former Special Forces soldier is mortified when Abby enlists him to be one of the prizes, but she has a covert plan to bid on him herself. Before she can, she’s foiled by a sniper bid from a gorgeous stranger, who turns out to be Tripp’s ex-wife, Valerie.

Still reeling from the shock that Tripp was married and wondering what his ex is suddenly doing in town, Abby goes looking to pay the auction’s emcee, radio personality Bryce Cadigan. She finds him in the parking lot, dead in his car. Valerie appears to be the last one to have seen Bryce alive, so she’s the cops’ best bid for suspect. When she asks Tripp for help-and lodgings-it’s Abby’s turn to block by inviting Val to stay with her. But did she just open her home to a murderer?

“I’m pretty sure I hate you for making me do this.” Abby McCree prayed for patience and kept driving. “No, you don’t.” Tripp Blackston, her tenant and usually her friend, didn’t back off his stance on the upcoming event. The former Special Forces soldier took up far more than his fair share of the front seat as he sat there with his arms crossed over his chest and wearing a take-no-prisoners expression on his handsome face. “For the record, these days I don’t appreciate being volunteered for missions without being asked first.” Okay, enough was enough. She couldn’t believe he’d gone there. Rather than punch the man, which would’ve been childish, she tightened her grip on the steering wheel. “Um, I assume you do realize the reason I ended up organizing this fund-raiser for your veterans group in the first place was that someone volunteered me. Let’s see now, who could that have been?” Tapping her chin with her forefinger as if struggling to remember, she finally shot him a narrow-eyed look. “Oh, yeah, that would be you.” Before he could launch another salvo, Abby staged a preemptive strike of her own. “The original deal was that you and I were supposed to be co-chairs on the event, but somehow I ended up flying solo ninety percent of the time, maybe even ninety-five.” She paused long enough to make a left turn across what constituted heavy traffic in Snowberry Creek, which meant shooting between the only two oncoming cars on Main Street. Driving into the parking lot on the other side of the road, Abby picked up the discussion where she’d left off. “I do realize that was because you’d gotten behind in your classes at the college and had to get caught up or risk falling behind a year in your studies. Of course, that was because you’d gotten yourself thrown into jail right when we were supposed to be brainstorming ideas together.” “I was protecting—” “I know, I know. You were protecting your friend, but your decision to do that had consequences. One of them is that you’re going to be strutting your stuff up there on that stage tonight for a good cause.” By that point, she’d run out of fresh ammunition in their ongoing battle over the bachelor/bachelorette auction she’d arranged to kick off the two-part fund-raising event for his veterans group. The close-knit organization had big plans, ones that could really help other veterans in the area. But to carry out those plans, their budget needed a huge boost. Tripp had asked her to take on the project as a personal favor. Well, actually, he’d guilted her into doing it. Something about him having helped her deal with a dead body in her backyard a few months back. Fine, so she’d owed him big-time. The least he could do was let her honor the debt without giving her constant grief about it.

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