Deception by Craig Martelle, Michael Anderle


Deception: A Space Opera Adventure Legal Thriller (Judge, Jury, Executioner Book 11) by Craig Martelle , Michael Anderle
English |2021 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Craig has taken his more than twenty years of experience in the Marine Corps, his legal education, and his business consulting career to write believable characters living in a real world. Although Craig has written in multiple genres, what he believes most compelling are in-depth characters dealing with real-world issues. Life lessons of a great story can be applied now or fifty years in the future. Some things are universal.

Lies & deceit leading to a domino of crimes.
The Trans-Pacific Task Force is getting ready to deploy but they don’t have what they need. Someone’s been skimming. A contract won through mistruths. Incomplete payments limiting the army’s readiness.
Colonel Marcie Walton is angry and calling anyone who will answer.
Magistrate Rivka Anoa is on the job and thrown into the middle of two shooting wars.
Which way is up? Chaz and Dennicron explore a wider galaxy while Ankh and Floyd get some prime time. Rivka drops the gavel and delivers the judgments.
Magistrate Rivka Anoa is the legal eagle you want on your side. No better friend. No worse enemy.

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