Deepwater’s Daughter by Andrew Hunter

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Deepwater’s Daughter by Andrew Hunter
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult| ePUB |1.35 MB

When Ysara first came aboard the strange airship of the goat-like satyrs, she never dreamed that she would be swept away on an adventure into the wild jungles of Neshat. Fortunately, the serpent girl was born in that savage land, and perhaps that is why the mysterious satyrs have chosen to kidnap her!
Now, the young healer finds herself acting as a replacement for the ship’s doctor, lost in an accident that no one aboard the airship wants to talk about. Together with a fox-kin mage and a mouse girl who likes to blow things up, Ysara must learn the secret of the satyrs’ quest, and try to keep everyone alive in the process.
Maybe Ysara can convince that cute satyr boy to let her in on the captain’s plans?
(This story takes place in the world of The Songreaver’s Tale fantasy series and further explores this magical realm)

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