Defend & Conquer by Jared Mandani

Defend & Conquer

Defend & Conquer by Jared Mandani
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Gather Resources. Build Your Base. Develop Units. Destroy the Enemy!

Jonathan Darrow was your regular soldier, fighting in a desperate war against Alterari scum. But when he dies in the line of duty, the ODI (Operating Digitalized Intellect) program kicks in, and his consciousness is uploaded into a complex machine to serve as a Master Commander—a battlefield leader, able to control nano-operators to build defenses and armaments, and take over every role of the military.

His first mission? Hold the Alterari fleet at the riftgate until imperial reinforcements arrive, to prevent the enemy from reaching Earth.

Unfortunately, nothing goes as planned and Jonathan gets the order to eject from his war vessel and detonate the riftgate. He is to send his core components to a nearby planet and use his nano-operators to restart from zero, build an army strong enough to face the Alterari, and retake the lost planetary system.

When he lands on Finisterra, however, he finds out just how big of a mess he’s really in. Creating an entire army from scratch would be quite the challenge, in and out of itself, as it would require both a tremendous amount of resources and time… but the real bad news is that Jonathan is not alone there. Living on Finisterra are hostile life forms that seem intent on destroying his base while he barely has enough components to build a lousy cannon!

Now facing a relentless foe that will stop at nothing to erase his presence from the planet, Jonathan has no choice but to unleash the full scope of his new powers and live up to his role as Master Commander. He has no choice but to Defend & Conquer!

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