Delta by Sophie Davis


Delta by Sophie Davis (Talented: Variants Book 1)
English |2021 | Fantasy | ePUB |2.8 MB

You said you would never use your powers that way again.
As a Mental Manipulator, capable of both reading and altering the minds of others, Talia Lyons is the only one who can help when the sister of a close friend goes missing.
You said you would never live with a target on your back again.
It would be a lot easier if the Sons of After—the anti-Talented group taking over the world—didn’t have her as number one on their kill list.
You said you would never have blood on your hands again.
Talia will stop at nothing to find Melony alive, even if she must employ her personal brand of justice to make it happen.
You said you would never lose someone you love again.
The secrets Melony keeps are not hers alone, and Talia and Erik aren’t the only people looking for her.
You said you would always fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.
Game on.

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