Demigods Academy by Elisa S. Amore

Demigods Academy

Demigods Academy by Elisa S. Amore – Book 4
English | 2020 | Young Adult| ePUB | 2.7 MB

Elisa S. Amore is the author of the paranormal romance saga Touched. She wrote the first book while working at her parents’ diner, dreaming up the story between one order and the next. She lives in Italy with her husband, her son, and a pug that sleeps all day.

After the war against Zeus, nothing is the same anymore for Melany and her crew.
Despite all their losses and griefs, they must move on and rebuild a new Academy where Titans, Gods, and Demigods work together to protect the human World because something strange is going on.
People on Earth aren’t dying, even those who have been shot or stabbed.
Melany is determined to find out who’s messing around with Life and Death. But first she has to deal with the new, deadly powers swirling inside her.
She’s more dangerous than ever.
Can she really control all those powers or will she soccumb to them?

Thick, sharp looking, green-stained stalagmites hung from the ceiling of the cave, dripping water onto the stone floor near my black combat boots. The plip-plop of the drops echoed off the walls and ground, which sparkled with green quartz. Beyond them, was a dark pool of cold ocean water; the entrance to a portal between worlds—between the demigods’ academy and the regular mortal realm.

The magical passage would take us to the bay of Cala, and from there we could fly to Pecunia, to the opening ceremony of the mall that had been demolished during the Battle of the Gods.

That was what the mortals were calling it now—The Battle of the Gods.

I supposed that was what it became for them and for the world that watched through the news and social media.

For me, it was the day I lost a huge chunk of my heart and soul.

Lucian—beautiful Lucian with his golden waves, golden skin, and brilliant blue eyes that sent sparks down my body—stepped up next to me at the rocky edge of the pool, grasping my hand in his. His touch was always welcomed. “You doing okay, Blue?”

I nodded. “Yup.”

Except I wasn’t, and I hated that everyone asked me that question every day over the past few months since the battle. It made me want to scream, and then hit something, but I refrained. I knew that Lucian, as well as my friends, were just concerned about me since I wasn’t exactly acting normal. Well, as normal as a newly minted demigod could be. Normalcy flew out the window exactly thirteen months and eight days ago, when Callie Demos—of the powerful wealthy Demos family that I lived with since I was thirteen—threw away the shadowbox she’d been given for her eighteenth birthday, and I had picked it up instead.

“Mayor Remis will be happy to see you at the ceremony,” Lucian assured. “He always asks about you when I go to the mortal realm to check on things. “‘How’s that blue-haired, dark angel doing?’ That’s what he calls you.”

“Lucky me.”

I guessed that a lot of people thought of me in that way. Emphasis on the dark. Lucian was the one who had the angel thing going on for him. When he had his huge white wings out and he was in the air, he was breathtaking.

Our friends, Jasmine, Mia, Georgina, and Ren, all stood at the edge of the pool next to us. We’d all been invited to the opening ceremony. We were the representatives of the academy now. Which was crazy to me, considering we were all recruits just over a year ago, each of us summoned by an invitation handwritten on an ancient scroll.

One of Jasmine’s sly smiles made her brown eyes shine with mischief. “You ready to go swimming?”

“No, not really.”

I hated using the water portal. The first time I ever used it—answering the summons to join the Gods’ Army—I nearly drowned. Lucian, in fact, had been the one to save me. He dragged me out of the pool and onto the rocks right before I swallowed a bunch of water and died. That was how, and when, I got my nickname, Blue. It was the color my face turned. Although, most people thought it was because I had blue hair.

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