Demon Fate by Tori Centanni

Demon Fate

Demon Fate by Tori Centanni (Brimstone Magic #5)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 234 Kb

Demon Fate : I’m Dani Warren, a witch who works as a PI.
While I’m trying to recover some stolen magical artifacts, a mysterious mage starts attacking me. And then I start having these weird blackouts.
Conor thinks the blackouts are related to my illegal demon magic. But that can’t be right, can it? All I know is something is wrong and I need to figure out what before it gets me killed.
To stop the blackouts, I might have to do the unthinkable: summon the demon who wants me dead.
Time to face my literal demons.

“The outline of the stall came back, its white tent now veiled in purple hues. A blur of blue motion caught my attention and I drew my sword.

“Hold your horses, I’m looking.” Carlyle’s voice sounded distant and watery, but I could make out the words.

It was as if my ears were clogged with water and were slowly draining. Volume increased. Shadows retreated.

I blinked and suddenly light exploded in front of me.

The Bazaar was back, illuminated by dim camping lanterns as before. Carlyle stood in front of me, hands up as if caught in the act.

“You can put away your sword. I don’t have your cup,” Carlyle said, his voice shaky.

I swallowed, uneasy. Looked from side to side. The woman in the next tent, a kitchen witch who was reading Tarot cards, watched me curiously.

I frowned, confused, heart still pounding. It was like I’d been sucked down into the Underworld only I hadn’t moved. I’d been standing here the whole time. Hadn’t I? I hated that I wasn’t sure.

The blur of motion I’d seen a moment ago must have been the imp in front of me. Not a demon. But still.

Terrified to do so but unsure what else to do, I blinked into my shadow sight. There were no demon shadows clinging to the tent or anywhere else. No trace of demonic activity.

But then what had I just seen? What had happened?

I blinked back and Carlyle was staring at me like he was scared I might throw a grenade into his stall. Or like I was a grenade. I licked my lips which suddenly felt dry.

“You okay?” he asked, frowning deeply.

“Do you have the chalice or not?” I asked impatiently, sheathing my sword. I wasn’t about to explain my freaky experience to him.

“No. Like I said. It ain’t here.” He said it so plainly, so automatically, that I believed him. The way he was looking at me, like I was a gun ready to go off, I didn’t think he’d lie.

“Where else would someone unload a stolen magical object?” I asked him. I had a few ideas but this was Carlyle’s business, and his information was bound to be more up to date than mine.”

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