Demons of a Dead World by Daniel R. Burkhard

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Demons of a Dead World by Daniel R. Burkhard (This New Earth #1)
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult| ePUB | 1.3 MB

There are no such things as fresh starts . . .
For Aidan Semple and his twin sister, Raelynn, coming to this New Earth should have been a fresh start. They were going to hide their telepathic ability and fit in on the new colony. But nothing is ever simple. Not only have they lost their father on the long journey from Old Earth, but this New Earth is dead or dying.
The Colony Shipper’s New Earths are nothing like Old Earth . . .
Something on this dead world has noticed Aidan’s and Raelynn’s ability to share each other’s emotions. Alien emotions flood their minds, at times seemingly harmless. With a simple choice look for the source of the alien emotions, their troubles compound. The consequences of that simple choice soon leave Aidan without his sister. Forced to rely on his own courage and telepathic ability, he sets out to discover what really happened to Raelynn.
Learning the truth is not always pleasant . . .
Alone on a planet he hates, Aidan sets out to find his sister and uncovers secrets about the demons facing humanity on this New Earth. Not all demons are real, and some are human.

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