Demons of the Night by Amanda L. Webster

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Demons of the Night by Amanda L. Webster
English | 2020|Children/Young Adult| ePUB | 1.3 MB

There is no safety in hiding from the truth. Docia’s parents work hard to hide the truth from her about what she is. They want her to be a good Christian woman, and they believe secrecy is the only way to achieve that goal. They aim to keep their adult daughter under their protection for her entire life, but that plan is about to backfire. When Blane appears in the church basement during one of Brother Josiah’s demon lectures, Docia is immediately intrigued. She’s had little opportunity to spend time with boys her own age and is afraid she’s going to die a virgin. But she’s disappointed to learn that Blane is only there to learn about the demons. Why can’t she meet an ordinary man who isn’t obsessed with mythical creatures?Docia doesn’t believe in demons. It’s all nonsense to her, and she doesn’t believe in her scheming grandfather’s version of God, either. She just wants to escape her family’s overprotection and get out on her own in the real world. She wants to be normal and live a normal life. But Docia is about to find out just how different she really is. And her parents are going to learn the hard way that the only way to protect their daughter is to allow her the space she needs to be her true self. From the author of DIY High and Valley of the Bees.

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