Detective Damien Drake by Patrick Logan


Detective Damien Drake series Box Set 2 by Patrick Logan (#4-6)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

Detective : Three best-selling novels in the Detective Damien Drake series available in a box-set for the very first time: Skeleton King, Human Traffic, and Drug Lord: Part I.

4. Skeleton King
The legend of some serial killers simply refuses to die. If only their victims could be so lucky. When a body is found—dissolved in acid, a ring of finger bones cemented to the skull—Drake is floored.

For over a year he’s been telling the NYPD that the man he had killed, the man who had taken his partner’s life, wasn’t the real Skeleton King. Nobody believed him. Even now, with a new skeleton as proof, Drake is met with resistance.

A copycat killer, they say. A deranged fan of Peter Kellington, perhaps. But Drake knows differently. He knows that this is the work of the original Skeleton King, and he is driven to seek revenge for his dead partner. Only, like before, he has no suspects.

Drake is on his own, trying to stop a sadistic murderer before he strikes again. Seeking answers, he turns to an unlikely ally to catch the Skeleton King once and for all: another serial killer that he put away during his time as an NYPD detective. But it doesn’t take long before Drake starts to wonder who’s asking the questions, and who’s providing the answers. And if he can catch a killer with his sanity still intact.

5. Human Traffic
Nearly two dozen girls are found dead in a shipping container on the shores of New York City. No one knows where they came from or how they got there. But one man is compelled to find out why they died, no matter the cost…

Ex-NYPD Detective Damien Drake has no business meddling in a police case, especially with what happened on the last one. But when the only survivor from the shipping container shows up at their doorstep with a horrific tale of drug smuggling, human trafficking, and links to a dangerous cartel, there’s no way they can turn her down… can they?

6. Drug Lord: Part I
There’s a new brand of heroin flooding the streets, powder cut with a drug 25-times more powerful and deadly than fentanyl. And addicts can’t get enough of it.

Heralded as one of the most deadly drug epidemics in American history, accidental opioid overdoses have reached an all-time high in New York City. And that was before this new brand of heroin became available.

The War Against Drugs might be a losing battle, but if someone doesn’t do something soon, there’ll be no one left to fight for. And yet, no one seems willing to step up and put everything on the line to follow the trail of tainted heroin to the source.

Nobody…. except for one man. Only ex-NYPD Detective Damien Drake has problems of his own, foremost of which is staying out of prison. This is no easy task, especially when his quest to end the import of this deadly substance puts him in the cross hairs of those driven by greed and obsessed with power — those who also just happen to be some of the richest and most influential members of New York’s elite.


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