Detective Varg Series by Alexander McCall Smith (Book 0.5, 2, 3)

 The Man with the Silver Saab

Detective Varg Series by Alexander McCall Smith (Book 0.5, 2, 3)
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 10 MB

Alexander McCall Smith is the of the international phenomenon The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series, the Isabel Dalhousie Series, the Portuguese Irregular Verbs series, and the 44 Scotland Street series. He is professor emeritus of medical law at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and has served on many national and international bodies concerned with bioethics. He was born in what is now known as Zimbabwe and he was a law professor at the University of Botswana. He lives in Scotland.

#0.5 – The Strange Case of the Moderate Extremists
From the beloved and bestselling author of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series comes an introductory story to the new series about a Swedish police department tasked with solving the most unusual, complicated, and, often, insignificant crimes. This is the precursor to The Department of Sensitive Crimes novel, first in the Detective Varg series.

The detectives who work in Malmo police’s Department of Sensitive Crimes take their job very seriously. The lead detective, Ulf Varg, prioritizes his cases above even his dog’s mental health. Then there are detectives Anna Bengsdotter, who keeps her relationship with Varg professional even as she realizes she’s developing feelings for him . . . or at least for his classic Saab; and Carl Holgersson, first to arrive in the morning and last to leave, who likes nothing more than filling out paperwork, and finally, there’s Erik Nykvist, who is deeply committed to fly fishing.

In this e-short the Department of Sensitive Crimes takes on two cases. The first concerns leaks to the media of confidential plans from within the populist Moderate Extremist party of Sweden, of which Ulf’s brother happens to the leader… And the second concerns the unplanned pregancy (sabotage?) of a champion Burmese show cat.

Using his renowned wit and warmth, Alexander McCall Smith brings a unique perspective on Scandinavian crime. Equal parts hilarious and heartening, The Strange Case of the Moderate Extremists speaks to modern issues of our time: political extremism and evolving social mores, as well as introducing us to a clever, slightly tortured, irresistible new sleuth and his compellingly quirky colleagues.

#2 – The Talented Mr. Varg
In the second installment of the bestselling Detective Varg novels, Ulf and his team investigate a notorious philanderer-a wolf of a man whose bad reputation may be all bark and no bite.

The Department of Sensitive Crimes, renowned for taking on the most obscure and irrelevant cases, is always prepared to take on an investigation, no matter how complex. So when the girlfriend of an infamous author approaches Ulf Varg, the department’s lead detective, and insists her bad-boy beau is being blackmailed, Ulf is determined to help. It’s rather difficult to determine what skeletons hide in the hard-living Lothario’s closet, though. And while his fellow Swedes are notoriously tolerant…well, there are limits.

The case requires all of Ulf’s concentration, but he finds himself distracted by his ongoing attraction to his coworker, Anna, whose fears about her husband’s fidelity are cauing a strain on her marriage. When Ulf is also tasked with looking into a group of dealers exporting wolves that seem more canis familiaris than canis lupus, it will require all of his team’s investigative instincts and dogged persistence to put these matters to bed.

#3 – The Man with the Silver Saab
In the hilarious new novel in the best-selling Detective Varg series, an eminent art historian is framed and the ace investigators of the department of sensitive crimes are on the case . . .

Detective Ulf Varg is a man of refined tastes and quite familiar with the art scene in Malmö. So when art historian Anders Kindgren visits the Department of Sensitive Crimes to report a series of bizarre acts that have been committed against him, Ulf and his team swing into action. Fish stuffed into the vents of Kindgren’s car and a manipulated footnote in a recent publication would be cause enough for an investigation, but when a painting Kindgren had confidently appraised as genuine is later declared to be a fake, it’s clear that someone is out to tarnish his reputation.

Meanwhile, Ulf is also weathering personal issues, which quickly spiral out of control. When his lip-reading dog, Martin, engages in a contretemps with a squirrel that results in a grievous wound, Ulf must rush Martin to the veterinarian and weigh the merits of cosmetic surgery for animals. And later, when Martin’s blood is found in the back of Ulf’s classic Saab, Ulf finds himself the subject of a departmental investigation.

In the end, Ulf will have to muster all his detective skills and bureaucratic cunning to restore Kindgren’s reputation – as well as his own.

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