Discarded by M.A. Hunter


Discarded by M.A. Hunter (The Missing Children Case Files #4)
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 2 MB

Where better to hide a body than in someone else’s grave? When a girl goes missing from the shores of Dorset in a crime eerily similar to one two decades earlier, her parents enlist investigative journalist and bestselling author Emma Hunter to find her.

Where better to bury the truth than in someone else’s lie? But then Jack calls her saying they’ve found a suitcase of bones beneath the ash of the studio Freddie burned down in Berkshire eight months earlier. As Emma contends with the question of whether her worst fear has finally been realised, her agent Maddie calls her from London saying she’s been sent a message from the killers.

When monsters rise the children are the first to die… They’ve not only noticed her string of solved cases, they’re watching her, warning her. Every day Emma fails to stop them could end with another child’s grave. All she knows for certain is that she has to find the faces in the videos or die in the attempt.


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