Do It for the Prestige by Kaya LaSalle

 Do It for the Prestige

Do It for the Prestigeby Kaya LaSalle
English | 2021 |Romance FF| ePUB | 6 MB

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One fateful night in the club leads to more than Callie ever could have imagined…
Claire Evans is going places. She’s moving up the ranks as a PR strategist for the rich and famous, and she’s more than happy to put her personal life on the back burner while she focuses on her career. Go figure that the one time she does something impulsive and sleeps with a gorgeous stranger, said stranger walks into her office the next day–as her newest client.
Arianna King is a rockstar with a reputation. The rumors are out of control, and she needs help taking back control of the narrative about who she is and how she lives her life. But she wasn’t banking on a PR strategist like Claire…
Two careers hang in the balance, but the tension between the two women is undeniable. As time goes on, the lines between professional and personal begin to blur…but will they be able to turn their fling into something more? Or are they destined for heartbreak?

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