Dominion Required by Hs Paisley

Dominion Required: A Lochlan Ellyll Novel by Hs Paisley
English | 2020 | Romance | ePUB/MOBI/PDF | 2.8 MB

The taste of Dark Magic was still on Lochlan’s tongue. It had been centuries since he’d used the addictive power, but when Zemila’s life was on the line, what choice did he have?

And now she won’t even return his calls.

Little did he know, she had bigger problems.

Zemila is an Earth Driver. She shouldn’t be able to move man-made objects with her mind. That didn’t stop her from breaking every car window on the block when she thought her kidnapper was stalking her again.

But he is dead. She killed him. 

She had the nightmares to prove it.

All of that took a back seat when her brother went missing.

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