Doomsday Disciples by William Massa

 Doomsday Disciples

Doomsday Disciples (Occult Assassin Book 6) by William Massa
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.8 MB

William Massa is a produced screenwriter and bestselling Amazon author. His film credits include Return to House on Haunted Hill and he has sold pitches and scripts to Warner, USA TV, Silver Pictures, Dark Castle, Maverick and Sony.

Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Death.
A series of bizarre murders inspired by the four elements of nature.
A diabolical ritual to turn Mother Nature against Human Nature.
A soldier sworn to battle the forces of evil.
Mark Talon, the occult assassin, returns for his most dangerous mission yet!
Terror reigns in the streets of Los Angeles. A deadly eco-cult has declared war against mankind.
As Los Angeles is ravaged by a series of horrific murders and natural disasters, only one man is willing to stand up against the rising tide of darkness.
His name is Mark Talon. And he is about to join the Doomsday Disciples.

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