Dragon Heart by Kirill Klevanski

Dragon Heart

Dragon Heart by Kirill Klevanski : Iron Will. LitRPG Wuxia Series: Book 2
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.7 Mb

Dragon Heart : In the first book, Hadjar lost it all. His body ruined, parents dead, and his title of Prince replaced by a slave collar. It seemed like Primus had deprived him of everything.

But no one can take away a man’s will to fight. Even if his heart turns into a bleeding stone due to endless grief and suffering, it won’t matter.
The most important thing was that he still had the will to go on. The thought of taking revenge on his family’s murderers gave him the strength to survive.

After receiving a piece of the mighty Dragon’s heart, he regained his strength and enlisted in the army, where he made real friends and fought by their side in many battles. He started harnessing his new power and acquiring great knowledge.

Hadjar has already had many adventures, but this is only the beginning of his great journey, full of magical mysteries, palace intrigues, epic battles, tempestuous love and the cultivation of his power…

“It was quite logical, really, since the more Fragments existed, the larger the Core of power would be.

Hadjar didn’t mind admitting to himself that he was quite pleased with his results. He had no desire to be a genius. As long he had his sword, even the gods themselves would come to regret it if they stood in the way of his vengeance.

He didn’t need talent for cultivation, or regalia, or a title—only the sword. He would prevail against everything with it and conquer anything that existed under the endless sky that came between him and his destiny.

Hadjar opened his eyes.

The air in his tent vibrated slightly, and the talisman, which had recently ‘entered’ reality, appeared before him again. A strip of yellow paper spun in the air before him, emitting a beautiful, orange light, warning him of approaching danger.

Hadjar adjusted his battered, torn and patched up clothes. He then stroked the sleeping, purring Azrea, took the sheath that contained his sword, and left the tent.

“Is he here?” Serra asked, tying her belt.

Behind her, Nero was hopping on one leg, trying to get his boot on the other one, but wasn’t having much success.

“Why do you presume it’s a  ‘He’?” a female voice asked in the darkness.”

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