Dragontiarna Series by Jonathan Moeller

Dragontiarna Series

Dragontiarna Series (9-10) by Jonathan Moeller
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 8 MB

Standing over six feet tall, Jonathan Moeller has the piercing blue eyes of a Conan of Cimmeria, the bronze-colored hair a Visigothic warrior-king, and the stern visage of a captain of men, none of which are useful in his career as a computer repairman, alas. He has written the DEMONSOULED series of sword-and-sorcery novels, and continues to write THE GHOSTS sequence about assassin and spy Caina Amalas, the COMPUTER BEGINNER’S GUIDE series of computer books, and numerous other works.

The tide of war engulfs two worlds.

Ridmark has liberated Cintarra from the dark legions of the Heptarchy. But the Heralds of Ruin now march upon Cathair Kaldran, which holds a source of unimaginable power.

And if the Heralds claim that power, countless worlds will burn to ashes.

To defeat them, Ridmark must take up a weapon that might consume him.

Once again he must wield the Sword of the Dragon Knight…


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