Dullahan: The Headless Knight by M. G. Darwish

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Dullahan: The Headless Knight by M. G. Darwish
English | 2019| Fantasy | ePUB | 1.8MB

Glorious present are often built upon past tragedies, but when the past catches up to you, what answer will you give to the Headless Knight?
Rumors about a gouging rider of death permeate the lands of King Ronald the Just. His reign brimmed with justice and hope for all those who sought the crown for help in times of need. But alas, not all is as it seems, as the King swiftly sentences a man to death for simply bringing up whispers of the Headless Knight. Timid and nervous, everyone grows tense at the suspicion/feeling that the rumors are more than they appear.


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