Dungeon Crafting Series by Jonathan Brooks (1-6)

Dungeon Crafting Series

Dungeon Crafting Series by Jonathan Brooks (1-6)
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I had worked in retail for most of my life but have been an avid reader of fantasy books since around age 12. In addition, I have been playing videogames since I got an Atari 2600 when I was 5 years old. Consequently, I fell in love with the LitRPG, GameLit, and Dungeon Core genres when I first learned about them. Currently, I have 18 books published and more on the way!

1. The Crafter’s Dungeon– Sandra had been a merchant traveling through the human lands of Muriel, though that wouldn’t have been her chosen profession. What she would’ve loved to become was a crafter, producing wondrous creations with her own two hands; however, she didn’t want to become a master in just one craft – she was interested in them all.
Unfortunately, Sandra was born with a deformity in her hands that made them appear frozen in a claw-like pose; as a result, she couldn’t grip anything with any sort of strength or dexterity, meaning that she wasn’t able craft anything but the most simple of things that required very little in the way of hand-based manipulation. To top it off, while most people could access and manipulate at least one or two of the basic elemental energies, she could see them all – but was unable to manipulate a single one.
Despite these setbacks, Sandra spent the majority of her twenty-six years of life visually learning the processes, techniques, and secret formulas for every aspect of crafting she could discover. And it was that pursuit of knowledge that ultimately led to her untimely death.
Reborn in the shape of a tiny Dungeon Core, Sandra learned about the purpose behind dungeons and Cores from an assigned dungeon helper; at the same time, she also discovered that she had much more freedom than most other Dungeon Cores. The repercussions of her mere existence could end up being far-reaching, but the most important thing she learned had nothing to do with the other Cores, the different races, or even the real purpose behind her being brought back to life as a strange glowing gem.
Sandra didn’t care about any of that, though – all she cared about was that she could finally do some crafting.

2. The Crafter’s Defense – Sandra managed to survive the first major incursion from the nearby Orcs, thanks in part to the help a certain Half-Orc/Half-Dwarf provided. However, Kelerim left her dungeon to seek out his father, leaving her all alone with just Winxa – her Dungeon Fairy – as company.
With the loss of her new friend comes some opportunities, at least; she now has the freedom to craft whatever she wants, and the threat of her Dungeon Core’s destruction from outside forces is practically absent. She even has the opportunity to upgrade her Core Size, unlocking additional constructs for use as Dungeon Monsters, as well as a new Core-specific Skill.
Unfortunately for Sandra, a particular action outside of the dungeon has unintentionally drawn attention to her activities, and there’s now a very serious threat to her survival. Racing against the clock, the crafting-based dungeon needs to find a way to prevent her destruction, all the while dealing with the problems her expanding Area of Influence has created.
Because it’s not only the nearby races that she has to deal with – but the nearby dungeons, as well.

3. The Crafter’s Dilemma – After narrowly surviving an invasion of her dungeon by some seriously dangerous Elves, Sandra needs to recover from having all of her defending constructs destroyed in the process. With the bulk of her forces lost while shattering the Core of a Reptile Classification dungeon, the merchant-turned-Dungeon Core is feeling a little vulnerable.
Luckily, she has Violet, a Gnome Apprentice Enchanter, to help her get things back to normal. With Felbar, another Gnome that has decades of experience culling Dungeon Monsters, and Echo, an Elf that mistakenly got tangled up with Sandra and her dungeon, now awake from their Visitor Bond-induced comas, she can finally work on improving her relationship with the Gnomes and Elves by providing them with much-needed supplies.
Unfortunately, during her time of recovery and looking into crafting new things with her recent access to Enchanting, she neglected to keep an eye on the dungeons around her Area of Influence. With the Gnomes no longer there to cull the Undead Classification dungeon near their destroyed village, Sandra scrambles to get ahead of its rapid expansion – and potential threat to the Dwarves to the north.
But even if she manages to destroy the Undead Classification Core, should she stop there? Now that is quite the dilemma…

4. The Crafter’s Darkness – A time of great darkness is approaching, but will Sandra and her dungeon survive?
After being responsible for destroying multiple Dungeon Cores, the consequences of which she has yet to see but knows will be coming, Sandra and her friends must obtain help from the leadership of the nearby lands. The problem will soon become bigger than she can contain, and only by them all working together will everyone survive the dangers represented by the nearby dungeons.
On top of that, Sandra also has to develop a plan to combat the ever-expanding territories of the local dungeons and protect the people still living in her Area of Influence. It is a difficult and complicated problem to solve, but with the aid of some new friends she begins to get a handle on the situation.
Unknown to Sandra and everyone else, however, someone wronged by the craft-loving Dungeon Core has designs of their own that will throw the wastelands into chaos. Those dangers, coupled with some personal issues of Sandra’s own, could usher in a period of darkness that the world hasn’t seen in centuries…

5. The Crafter’s Dominion – The death of one of her Orcish mercenaries has sent Sandra into a spiral of rage and revenge, focusing on the four Dungeon Cores that attacked her. Unable to prevent herself from invading the rival dungeons with the misguided intent of destroying their Cores, the consequences of which would be devastating, the craft-loving former merchant struggles to regain control of her actions caused by the remnants of a Core shard invading her own mind.
Her friends, meanwhile, have their own problems. Violet, Felbar, Echo, and Gerold were sent back to their respective homelands to warn their leadership about the upcoming threat of enhanced Dungeon Cores, as well as obtaining help to contain them, but each representative has met with some hiccups along the way. Extricating themselves from their unexpected captivity becomes a priority, if only so that they can get back to the wasteland and Sandra’s dungeon. Unfortunately, events and threats back home require their attention before they can return.
Will her friends be able to break free from their chains of imprisonment in time to prevent the crafty Dungeon Core from making an irreversible mistake? Can Sandra overcome the incessant thoughts of retribution and regain control of her mind and actions?

6. The Crafter’s Dynasty – After recovering from the effects of a Core shard taking over her mind, Sandra had developed a way to bond with nearby Dungeon Cores, “pacifying” them in the process. Consistent culling of the Monsters within their dungeons would still be required, but no longer would the surrounding areas be dangerous with wandering Monsters sent out by those Cores.
Accomplishing all of that will inevitably lead to a greater responsibility that Sandra wouldn’t be able to handle on her own. Fortunately, the surrounding races are more than willing to step up and contribute, thereby slowly taking their lands back from the hostile Dungeon Cores trying to kill them all. With their help, Sandra’s dreams of being able to ignore the world and get back to her peaceful crafting are getting closer to reality.
Unbeknownst to the crafty Dungeon Core, however, an old foe learns of Sandra’s existence and is bent on destroying her – one way or another. Only through perseverance, the help of her friends, and quite a bit of crafting will she be able to defeat this adversary; doing so will not only ensure the safety of her Core and the surrounding lands, but it will also establish Sandra’s presence in the wasteland as something meant to stand the test of time.
In short, it is time for the craft-loving Core to establish her dynasty.


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