Dungeon of the Gods by Jonathan Yanez, Ross Buzzell

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Dungeon of the Gods

Dungeon of the Gods by Jonathan Yanez, Ross Buzzell (Legends Online Book 2)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 431 Kb

Dungeon of the Gods : The easy part was getting in.
The hard part will be surviving until the end.
Ray thought he was through the worst the game had to offer. I mean, lich kings, vampires and the dark one himself? Boy was he wrong.
Potential new enemies are about to storm the gates. Lands need exploring and evil cultists heads need chopping.

“Your commander can speak to this!” Victor replied while giving a rude gesture. Another crack rang out. Victor staggered back and held his face. Illume noticed a bit of blood under Victor’s eye. Shaking his head, Illume whispered, “That was a mistake.”

Victor’s features tightened as he snarled at the commander. In a blur, Victor dashed across the field and tackled the commander to the ground. Both hit with such force, they bounced and tumbled over one another.The other soldiers stepped back and made room for the fight. Victor slashed his claws at the commander’s chest. The wooden armor almost completely deflected his attack.

A tail lined with spines swung up Victor’s back and wrapped around his neck, pulling him off the commander. With the precision of a surgeon, the werewolf sliced the tail between the commander’s scales.

With a hiss, the commander released Victor and drew his sword. Both beings lunged at each other once again, this time more animal than anything else. Illume stepped forward. He focused his frost mana into his hands. He gave both beings a quick blast of frost to cool them down.

“Victor, stand down! I am Illume, Lord of Cryo’s Quarry!” Illume announced. “Who brings their armies to my doorstep?”

“The commander of the Barnogian armies, Obscuritas!” the commander announced.

Illume’s brow furrowed. That name was familiar to him, but he couldn’t quite place it, almost as if it had appeared to him in a dream. Illume peered through the ranks that stood before him to try and get a glimpse of the commander.

Obscuritas, Obscuritas, where have I heard that name before? Illume thought to himself. His eyes widened as it all came back to him, plowing into him like a semi-truck.

“No,” Illume whispered in disbelief.

“Remember when I hit you that time and cracked your head open?” the familiar voice asked.

The guards parted. Between them stood a man in forest green robes that draped from him like Gandalf’s and yet had a hood like an assassin. Human hands slid from the baggy sleeves and pushed back the hood. A man about five years older than Illume smiled at him. He had long hair that hung almost to his shoulders. It was held out of his face in a long ponytail.”


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