Dungeon Robotics by Matthew Peed

Dungeon Robotics

Dungeon Robotics by Matthew Peed: Cataclysm (Dungeon Robotics #5)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 1.1 MB

Hello! About me, so I really started reading when I was in the sixth grade. My school offered a point program that gave prizes at the end of the year and Harry Potter gave out a lot of points so I listened/read those. From there it was like a fire was lit. I would often choose reading over most social activities, yep I was a nerd. My greatest possession as a High schooler wasn’t my car, but my paperwhite kindle. When I got that I must have gone through thirty to forty books in a month before I ran out of money. I was a freshman in college when I found web novels and started branching out into the vast repository available to people on the web.

Regan turns his full attention to the North to finally deal with the Undead Queen Alara. Challenges and barriers abound that work to keep him from achieving his goal. Magic, technology, and Regan’s intelligence are put to the test as he fights his way North.

Louella continues to grow her town, drawing the attention fo forces that she’d rather have nothing to do with. When a threat unlike anything before attacks her home. She works even harder to protect the ones she loves, and the people that have come to depend on her.

Izora’s life has been taking one turn after another, and she’s not sure she can keep up much longer. When recalled back home to Jade Wind, she finds all is not as it seems.


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