Dustborn by T.W. Piperbrook


Dustborn by T.W. Piperbrook (The Sandstorm Series Book 3)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 305 Kb

Dustborn : Danger comes in many forms…
Tired, dirty, and sick, the Red Rock survivors eke out an existence on the Watchers’ cliffs, hoping to avoid the monster. But life up high is almost as bad as life on the ground.
Water is scarce, and no meal is guaranteed.
And deep inside the tunnels, a new threat is building, something that might consume them all…

“Trapped in a dirty cell next to Kai, Neena questions Kai about the leader’s accusations. Before she can determine the truth, The Watchers drag him away. Meanwhile, Helgid heads to the Comm Building, where a crowd has gathered to help Neena. Some neighbors tell her about what is happening, before The Watchers break up the crowd.

The Watchers return Kai to his cell and take Neena away. During an interrogation, Neena tells Gideon and his men about the monster, Kai, and his colony. To her surprise, the leaders accuse her of deception and collusion. They tell her that Kai’s markings mean he is a criminal, and condemn her for consorting with him. They return her to her cell until they can decide what to do with her.

Darius studies the enormous, strange carcass. Looking at the caved-in wall in the tunnel he found, he makes the astute guess that the creature burst from the sand and into the tunnel, killing the miners before somehow dying. But Akron died more recently. Remembering the covered-up passage through which he arrived, Darius makes another guess: The Watchers sealed up the passage.

In an unavoidable meeting with the young Watchers, Gideon reveals a secret: generations ago, half the population left and formed New Canaan, while the rest stayed in Red Rock. The two colonies considered each other dead for generations, while the leaders kept each other’s existence quiet—until the representatives arrived a decade ago. He tells the young Watchers that Kai’s markings make him a criminal, but he denies the existence of the monster. He tells the young men that he will arrange a meeting with the colony to downplay the size of Kai’s colony, to keep control.”


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