Dusty’s Diary Box Set (1-3) by Bobby Adair

Dusty's Diary Box Set

Dusty’s Diary Box Set (1-3) by Bobby Adair
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Dusty’s Diary Box Set : One Frustrated Man’s Apocalypse Story

It didn’t happen overnight, not like in the movies.

I mean, it took more than a year before anybody looked up from their smartphones long enough to wonder why so many of their neighbors were infected. Why so many were dying.

The vaccination riots came and went. The grocery store shelves emptied out. The spigots eventually ran dry. That was around the time I moved underground and sealed the hatch on my backyard bunker.

That was a couple of years ago.

Now, my radio hasn’t picked up a signal from the world up top since I can’t remember when. My exterior camera died in a storm last spring. And the loneliness has set in, gnawing at me, making me think crazy thoughts, including the one that’ll change everything.

I have to leave the bunker and see if anyone is left alive.

Book #1
I played all those cool video games. I watched all those movies. I even read the books. In most of ’em, the hero shoots the bad guys, drives a sweet car, never gets hungry, and always seems to get laid by the end. Yeah. Whatever.

I gotta be straight with you about why I wrote this journal, and it comes down to one thing, the apocalypse kinda sucks. It doesn’t meet my expectations at all.

Honestly, I was looking forward to it. I mean, I really was. It’s not that I wanted to see everybody die. But holy crap, I was so tired of all the BS I had to put up with back in the old days, the never-ending mortgage, high-interest credit cards, cholesterol clogging my arteries, thinning hair, and a thickening midsection. I was tired of dealing with jerk-off drivers during rush hour, and I was tired of my ex-wife yammering at me on the phone until my brains turned to jelly. Things kept getting more expensive, and my paycheck kept staying the same size. After enough of that, any sort of reboot seemed like a good idea.

Book #2
After two years hiding in the bunker, I’ve been venturing out for a couple of months. Is the world a worse place now than it was?

I honestly can’t say for sure.

I suppose I could create a list of the pros and cons and figure it out all analytic like. The world the way we made it was pretty screwed up.

But this place, I don’t know. You end up missing the things you never expected, rows of colorful flowers in the neighbor’s garden, football games on a crisp autumn evening, new movies, things that smell clean, and maybe most of all, the taste of a good steak dinner and a conversation with someone while we share it.

Book #3
Every dream might now come true. My apocalyptic princess is out there, a former cheerleader who used to dance on the sideline for one of our fine Texas football teams, a fair-haired beauty with all the right assets invested in all the right places, and about my age.

I know, hard to believe.

But she lives on the south side of Houston, forty miles on the other side of infestation central. Can I get there? Alive? I don’t know, but I’m going to try.


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