Dysphoria: an Appalachian gothic by Sheldon Lee Compton

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iDysphoria: an Appalachian gothic by Sheldon Lee Compton
English | 2019| General Fiction | ePUB |164 KB

What can you save with a Mason jar? Money? A life? When Paul heads back to Red Knife, Kentucky for his father’s funeral, his visit turns into an extended stay and a search for the people and places that made his dad so dysphoric about life. What he finds is years of tumult and abuse and shame, all centered on one day, long ago, and an accident at an abandoned mine tipple. The hauntings of the past become all too real for Paul, and, as he comes to grips with his father’s death, his own life is endangered… A new Appalachian gothic from Sheldon Lee Compton, the man Donald Ray Pollock has called “a hillbilly Bukowski, one of the grittiest writers to come down the pike since Larry Brown.”


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