Earthdom by Ryan DeBruyn


Earthdom by Ryan DeBruyn (Ether Collapse #3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

I am a new author from Canada and have really enjoyed writing my first book. I am currently a student studying Electrical Engineering and am six months away from graduation.

Territorial growth. Ancient conspiracies. The apocalypse is getting worse.
Rockland Barkclay was saved and pulled into an alternate realm moments before his death. He thought that sacrificing himself would save the Grotto and give them a chance to prosper. He wasn’t expecting to open his eyes, reborn on the altar.
Gaia has ordered the Golems to protect humanity, but their ‘protection’ against the environment is sending humanity to the brink of starvation. Rocky needs to find his family, and his only option is to search through survivors one-by-one. Every person saved increases the population of the Grotto, but is also another mouth to feed.
After saving thousands and not finding a single familiar face, new intelligence reaches the Grotto: sending Rocky against a challenge that even the King of Apes couldn’t overcome.

Oh, welcome back! I’ve been waiting on you. Let me catch you up on what’s been happening—I might need your help getting through this.

My name is Rockland Barkclay. Yeah, I know—the short form, Rocky, reminds you of the boxer. Or the flying squirrel. Look, we can talk about that, or we can talk about my Territory. Your choice.

Yeah, I thought so.

After the planet came to life, I was desperate to find my family. Nadine, Lacy and Benoit weren’t with me when this started, and I was doing everything I could to find them. My team and I crisscrossed most of Ontario, surviving all of the chaos that the Planetary God threw at us. We even collected and transported nearly five thousand people back home from Ottawa. I’m going to gloss over the hundreds of thousands that died. Trying to stay upbeat and positive because I didn’t find my family. And they are still out there!

Once we arrived in Algonquin Valley, Selaphelia Ardensai—my Ancestral Guide and a billion year old hottie—brought the thousands of people to the Grotto, which is a valley surrounded by three cliffs and a river. On first glance, the Grotto was woefully unprepared for the influx. Of course, at the time, I thought the biggest difficulty would be finding housing, food, and growing the Grotto’s infrastructure. You know, economic basics.

I quickly discovered I was looking through horse blinders, because that part turned out to be easy. With some help from the system.

That’s when the fan got painted brown. We learned that a Void God had taken over a Dungeon at the site of the nuclear meltdown in Chalk River. Ether Storms were ravaging our Territory border and the surrounding lands. And a particularly ugly Necromonger—I’m talking papery skin, greasy hair, and a penchant to keep undead as pets—named Apothis wanted us all dead as part of his master’s quest for world domination. In other words, the dungeon adventurer life I planned was on hold.

If you’re a little squeamish, you might have blanked about the whole undead, necromancer, and dreadful abomination portion of our escapades. Trust me, even recalling it causes me to shudder. You ever try going sword-to-spell against a Master Class Necromonger? Probably avoid that experience—I don’t recommend it. At all.

With a lot of luck—not the system stat, but honest to goodness situational luck—some help from powerful allies, and a rescued dragon, we survived Apothis’ first assault. The undead lover had somehow found a place of power below our Grotto that we didn’t know about. We had a six-hour window to wrest control from Apothis—and rushed headlong into the tunnels below the Grotto. I learned a hard lesson that day when my fast friend, Joe, was slain while saving my life.

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