Easy Love by K. Alice Compeau

Easy Love

Easy Love by K. Alice Compeau
English | 2019 | Romance | ePUB | 398 Kb

Easy Love : I thought my life would be different. I had plans to settle down, and finally start a family with my husband. But it didn’t turn out that way—not when he up and left me for another woman.
Now it feels like I’m stuck in limbo, unable to move forward. With nothing but a broken heart and my new inability to trust, the idea of dating again is frightening.
Then a new substitute teacher arrives in town. He’s handsome, fun, kind, and not afraid to show his interest in me. How am I supposed to trust again when my heart is nothing but a shattered mess?
But Grant’s persistence is making me weak. His determination to show me it’s possible to love again has me hoping I might still have a chance…
One more shot at finding love.
Problem is, with a past like mine it won’t be that easy.

“And we love having you here. You know, my granddaughter still goes on about how you are her favorite teacher. And she had you, what? Two years ago?”

“That’s right. Sarah was in my first class. She’s such a sweet girl.”

“Thanks. She really is sweet. I’m worried you might not think the same when you get my grandson, Todd, next year.” Kay laughed and picked up a scaler.

Lottie opened her mouth as Kay began her work.

“Todd’s a sweet boy, but he can’t sit still for a second. I swear, my daughter had no idea what she was in for with him. Sarah was such an easy child, and Todd’s still giving her a run for her money. It’s like she was a first-time mom with her second. Ah, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle him in class. He’s got a good heart. Just can’t sit still is all.”

Lottie smiled around the dental tool scraping her teeth. Kay worked away. Scraping and polishing. Silently and quickly. That’s what Lottie loved about Kay. Cleanings with her were always quick, painless, and never filled with questions expected to be answered around a mouth full of metal scalers, mirrors, and curettes.

After finishing, Kay raised the chair. “Would you like to schedule your next appointment?”

“Sure. I’ll be here.”

“How’s October 4th? Same time?”



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