Echo Island: Be Prepared by Gary Travis

Echo Island: Be Prepared by Gary Travis
English | 2020| Sci-Fi/Fantasy| ePUB | 1.3 MB

2020 Winner of Book Excellence Award for Best Adventure

A destructive 8.7 earthquake nearly destroys San Francisco. The Prescott family’s home is demolished, the mother killed, and the father crippled. Their two sons, Jack, a senior in high school, and Dillon (former SEAL) in college, are unhurt–but determined to be prepared for the next disaster.

When the Prescotts discover a global conspiracy was behind the disaster, they purchase a 315-acre island off the coast of Maine where there are no earthquakes. They recruit a community of friends/preppers with unique skills, some military–survival foremost in their plans yet there are sparks of romance.

Before they finalize their preparations, the unthinkable happens–a massive global disaster strikes, the world spiraling into an Ice Age–a conspiracy to depopulate the world causing their demise.

While they prepare for the coming endless winter, a gang of marauders come after Echo Island’s food/water, shelter, and energy–betrayals adding to the Echo Island threats. The Prescott’s Echo Island community is forced to survive more than the ice age–they must defend their lives.

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