Echoed Defiance by Kristen Banet

Echoed Defiance

Echoed Defiance (Jacky Leon #4) by Kristen Banet
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Kristen K.N. Banet is a published author of fiction. She writes books under the name Kristen Banet as well as her pseudonym, K.N. Banet. Under her K.N. Banet name, she has written the first volume of Jacky Leon and the Kaliya Sahni series, featuring the debut novel Bounty and second book, Snared.

Jacky Leon’s duty to her family is to help maintain order and to uphold the Law for her werecat father, Hasan, a member of the Tribunal.
But Jacky has a defiant streak.
To do what’s right, she’s willing to break the Law and turn her back on everything she’s been told is right. Even those around her know she’s willing to risk everything for what she believes in. All anyone can hope is for Jacky’s ideals and the Law to never clash again.
Because Jacky has another duty. A duty to blood. A duty to the bond between those who once shared a life and a face.
When her twin comes back into her life, Jacky finds herself at a cross roads. Her twin is like an echo, a strangely similar yet different version of herself.
And it seems defiance runs in the family.

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