Edge of Death by Spenser Warren

 Edge of Death

Edge of Death (Callahan Boyle Thriller Book 3) by Spenser Warren
English | 2021| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 5.8 MB

Spenser Warren is the author of One Last Kill and Era of Evil, the first two novels of the Callahan Boyle hitman thriller series. Named after Robert B. Parker’s witty but tough Boston P.I. Spenser of the 1980’s television series Spenser for Hire, and fueled by an early love of reading mysteries and watching mafia and action movies, it’s only fitting that Spenser found his way into writing thrillers. Spenser’s books are gripping, fast-moving thrillers with just the right mix of death-defying shootouts, witty banter, and meticulously plotted assassination attempts. When he isn’t busy at work on his next novel, Spenser is often reading, catching a comedy or improv show, and desperately rooting for a doomed Chicago White Sox rebuild. You can get in touch with Spenser on his website, or by connecting with him on social media. Spenser lives in Chicago.

A former hit man seeks redemption. A drug lord is hellbent on expanding his empire. When the two men collide, will evil rise to prominence or will justice prevail? After a Mexican drug cartel murders his friend’s son, former hit man Callahan Boyle sets off to the treacherous city of Acapulco to uncover the truth behind his death. During his search, Cal links up with a passionate entrepreneur—and potential love interest—leading a group of citizens struggling to take their city back from the cartel. When Cal takes down several of his sicarios , cartel leader Miguel Tito realizes Cal is just the man to help him maintain his diminishing power after rival groups attempt to assassinate him. When Miguel threatens a young woman’s life after taking Cal hostage, Cal has no choice but to join Miguel and serve as his personal bodyguard to save her. But his true loyalties lie in joining the resistance against his new, dangerous boss and finding justice for his friend. Can Cal escape his new role and take down another powerful criminal enterprise before it’s too late?


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