Edge World by Michael Guinn

Edge World

Edge World by Michael Guinn
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB |356 Kb

Edge World : What if you could live for several hundred years?

Captain Amanda Santos — recently appointed head of Edge World’s Outlands Security and Investigation — believes directing an agency of law enforcement men and women has to be easier than being a single mother to possibly telepathic teenage girls.

But bodies start turning up, scientists start disappearing, and several jungle tribes have started attacking trader caravans. To top it off, a Federation pharmaceutical company believes a longevity drug has been found on planet and wants it — all of it. But if the Federation Council finds out about the drug, it will destroy the drug and anyone who knows about it. A mysterious professor who goes by the name of Smithe has also arrived on planet, and develops an deep interest in Amanda — both on and off the case. But will the involvement of this off worlder hasten or prevent a genocidal cover up?

2830 AD. The cold, unending dark of interstellar space effected the crew of Terran Federation Exploration Ship Columbine, sank into their bones, and always seemed to be looking over one’s shoulder, particularly now as the Columbine approached the edge of the spiral arm of this galaxy. The Federation ship may have been registered through the home planet, but it searched as an independent contractor, with a minimum salary and the possibility of a handsome bonus if they found an inhabitable planet. Inhabitable by humans, that is. The Columbine was an old ship, still serviceable, but a tired old ship. The air cleaners tried hard but still there was the odor of oil, cleaner, and old dirty socks. The ten-man crew (even though half of the crew were women) could no longer smell the odor of old age, but they were as tired as the ship. One of the search screens no longer worked properly and another was blurry, but the Captain and Navigator had become used to such minor problems.

The crew followed their well-worn steps as they approached the plane of the planetary system, checking with every instrument for planets. Two gas giants were discovered in the outer reaches but no other planets appeared until they reach the Cinderella zone, where, if there were any inhabitable planets, that is where they would be found.

“always the possibility that someone objected to the project and thought to stop it by removing Dr. Pierson. There were a few cases that involved both the City Militia and the OSI, and this could be one of them.

     About that time the morning shift started trickling in with all the noise and confusion that occurred during shift change. Those officers who were more or less assigned to help the City and not out on sick leave were present, plus a half dozen field officers who had serious problems in their district. It was only once a month that Captain Santos met with representatives from all twelve districts. Captain Santos paid no more attention to the missing person incident until midmorning when Sgt. Manns, the morning shift’s desk officer, informed her that a Dr. Janice Blake was demanding to see ‘Someone in Charge’ about her missing Dr. Pierson.

     Captain Santos had already sent a copy of Blake’s complaint to the City Militia and briefly considered having Sgt. Manns to send her over to the Militia offices. But there was something about this whole thing that seemed a little off. Amanda had followed her ‘hunches’ many times in the past and they almost always proved her right: so often that some people considered her psychic. Not that she was of course, but it gave her an advantage in dealing with others.

     “Go ahead and bring Dr. Blake into my office so we can get this out of our way.”




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