Election Day by Travis Starnes

Election Day

Election Day by Travis Starnes
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 5.2 MB

Travis Starnes is a freelance writer living in Texas. He has a love for books of all types, but preferably sci-fi, mystery and the occasional history. His passion is creating worlds and characters that live and breathe, letting them loose, and seeing what happens.

On the eve of the election, a religious fanatic begins threatening one of the candidates, resulting in the death of a Secret Service Agent when things escalate beyond simple death threats. Former Special Forces Sergeant John Taylor and his FBI Agent partner Loretta Whitaker are tasked with finding the maniac before he can kill anyone else, including possibly the future President of the United States. Things are complicated by the Secret Service, who don’t approve of Taylors unorthodox methods, forcing the pair to once again work outside the system to accomplish their goal.


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