Element 42 by Seeley James

Element 42

Element 42 (Sabel Security Book 1) by Seeley James
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Element 42 : That time you stumbled onto a mass grave and mercenaries bolted from the jungle to hunt you down.

Veteran bodyguard Jacob Stearne aims to spend quality time with his heiress-boss during a charitable mission to Borneo. Building a school seems simple enough until the locals give chase. She won’t say what she did to provoke them, but providing her protection just flipped from being a mini-vacation to a death sentence.

Athlete Pia Sabel intended to put her fortune to use helping educate isolated children. When corrupt officials force her to flee, she remains haunted by the sight of dead and dying villagers. Without evidence of murder, international authorities dismiss her as simply rich and spoiled. Her obsession even grates on the Sabel Security team. Then one of their own contracts a highly contagious disease.

Her friend is near death. A mole in her ranks tries to destroy her. Pia turns to Jacob and his questionable sanity to help bring the guilty to justice. When their primary suspects turn up dead, she must recalculate the evidence. Can Jacob and Pia expose the conspiracy before a tyrant unleashes an apocalyptic virus?

“You gone answer door?” Prama said.

It was the love part that kept me on the job. I was in love with my boss, Pia Sabel. Tall and strong and built like a tiger. She was the kind of woman a man like me would die for.

Well. Theoretically.

Romance with her was so remote I may as well crush on a movie star. To her I was just one of the staff.

Tania pounded on the door again.

I extricated myself from under Prama’s naked body and savored the scent of the jungle motel’s ancient battle with mildew. A glance at the clock didn’t tell me much. 3? 4? I snapped on the light and blinked at the mirror until my reflection came into focus. I looked like hell.

I yanked the door open and Agent Tania, sleek and exotic, glared at me, her nostrils flaring.

She was the real love in my life. I’d fallen in love with her when I’d pulled her from a burning Humvee in Nuristan Province. She refused to date me until after we’d both left the Army. It lasted fourteen glorious months. Then I blew it.

“I hope you’re not paying for that.” Tania pointed her nose past my shoulder.

“HEY!” Prama said.

“Wait, the hotel lady?” Tania half-asked. “Really. Never mind. Just MOVE.”

“Yeah, I heard them down—”

Tania was already sprinting away. “Get the translator, we leave thirty seconds ago.”

I kicked my t-shirt in the air, pulled my boxers up, and slipped into my shirt on its way down.”



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