Eleven Wings Cielle by Brittni Chenelle

Eleven Wings Cielle

Eleven Wings Cielle by Brittni Chenelle
English | 2021 |Romance| ePUB |37.1 MB

Cielle – How can she prove her innocence when she can’t remember her past?
Valerie’s back and Thorn put me in charge of training her, so . . . yeah, I guess I’m in the best position to suss out if she’s innocent or guilty. FYI, she’s guilty AF.
Hear me out, though: no one is this bad at training. Also, if she can’t remember anything, then why are sparks obviously flying between her and Jaemin? And third, whenever that creep Ajax crawls out of his hole in Nether, Valerie is suspiciously nearby.
I don’t know. Maybe I just don’t like the questions she’s asking. Questions about where I was the night of the eclipse. I’m not the one accused of being a traitor, so let’s all just keep our eyes on the guilty party.


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