Emerge by M.R. Forbes


Emerge by M.R. Forbes (Forgotten Starship Book 2)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.9 MB

M.R. Forbes is the creator of a growing catalog of speculative fiction titles, including the epic fantasy Tears of Blood series, the contemporary fantasy Divine series, and the world of Ghosts & Magic. He lives in the pacific northwest with his wife, a cat who thinks she’s a dog, and a dog who thinks she’s a cat.

After 100 years crossing the expanse, the generation starship Pioneer is nearly halfway to her destination. The horrors of her first few days in space have been erased by time and forgotten by the residents of the city nestled inside.
But all good things must come to an end.
Deputy Niko Nori finds that out the hard way. After a double homicide leads to a suspect who shouldn’t exist, it isn’t long before Pioneer’s dark history catches up with the people of Metro, and Niko in particular. With no time to waste and few people he can trust, the race is on to unravel the secrets of the past and bring the one person who can help into the present.
Somewhere beyond the locked seals of Metro, Joseph Cross is in hibernation. And if Niko can’t reach him…
…there won’t be a future.

A few more minutes, and more of the creatures rose from the sea, quickly surrounding the islands. The alien colony had noticed them by then, as the first part of the feeding began.

The fear. The despair. The desperation. It swept into the air, carried across the ocean by the breezes. Iagorth breathed it in, energized by their terror.

I huuuuunggggggerrrrr.

Iagorth repeated the sound, which Joseph understood in the two simple words and no uncertain terms.

“Iagorth, wait!” he cried, trying to get the alien’s attention and stop the annihilation. “I’ll give you what you want. I’ll help set you free. These creatures don’t deserve to die.”

Iagorth clacked loudly, a shrill call that increased the distress of the alien inhabitants. His army of monsters started to advance.

“Iagorth!” Joseph shouted. “Damn it, listen to me!”

But he wouldn’t. He never did. Not any of the other eight times Joseph had already watched the Devourer of the Relyeh destroy another planet and ruin another life form. His pleas had been so much more vocal the first time, his desperation more raw, the pain of witnessing the death of millions more intense. This series of islands, this colony of aliens, was only one of hundreds spread across the mostly liquid world, all of which were under assault simultaneously.

Iagorth had told Joseph he was trapped.

But now it was Joseph who was stuck.

He was within Iagorth, whose infinite consciousness spanned the cosmos across distances he couldn’t fathom and time he couldn’t measure. He could be anywhere the Devourer was, and see anything the Devourer could see. He didn’t want to watch the death of this planet, but at least he could try to stop it, as hopeless as the effort always turned out to be. It was still better to be here than on one of the worlds Iagorth had already conquered, reduced to endless streams of horrific dark remembrance

“Iagorth, listen to me!” Joseph shouted.

But Iagorth didn’t hear him. He was present in the consciousness but was nothing more than a bystander. An unconsenting watcher to the endless suffering of everything the Relyeh Devourer touched.

Something had happened to him when Iagorth tried to seize his mind and Keesha had set him free. Something inside him that lay dormant and unnoticed by Okoye’s examination and diagnostics. But he had felt it. Sensed it. He had known something was wrong, but he hadn’t been able to guess what.

Not until hibernation. Not until the pod had closed, the gel had risen, and he had entered stasis.

Should have entered stasis.

Instead he was transported across the void. Now, he could be nearly everywhere while wishing he was nowhere. Now, every moment was a waking nightmare and every year in hibernation felt like an eternity.

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