Enchanted Twist by TR Cameron

Enchanted Twist

Enchanted Twist by TR Cameron: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure (Scions of Magic Book 7)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

I’m TR Cameron, Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction author. I’ve been an avid consumer of the genres since I was six, I think, when I broke the seal on my Dad’s copies of the Asimov Foundation books. Shortly after, it was Dragonlance and Drizzt. It’s been all downhill since then.

The Zatoras and the Atlantean gang are at war. Caliste Leblanc is caught in the crossfire.

Long simmering plans have come to a boil and the Usha and Rion Grisham plot to and kill each other. Below the waves, Empress Shenni is playing politics, setting Styrris Malniet squarely against Cali and her friends. The prize? Replacing House Leblanc when it falls. That is, if the Malniets can get it right this time.

Cali’s pursuit of the pieces of her family’s heirloom sword become more important as danger stacks up. Any chance of avoiding the conflicts bearing down on her and her friends is long gone. Can she get the information she needs to rescue her brother? To succeed, she must rely on her friends and Fyre, and figure out what moves to make to avoid getting killed and get the answers she desperately needs.

“I don’t know, buddy, this place seriously gives me the creeps.” Caliste Leblanc, matriarch of the noble house that bore her surname, peered through the rusty door into the mausoleum ship and grimaced. “Isn’t there a good reason for burial at sea? Why store the bodies here?”

Fyre snorted and the scales that covered his canine-sized dragon lizard body shimmered turquoise and scarlet. “The nobles are weird in all kinds of ways. This shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

They had traversed several clear tubes that stretched from the dock area of the domed city of New Atlantis to their current position at the entrance to one of the wrecks that surrounded the central sphere. The Bermuda Triangle was known to swallow ships, planes, and whatever else braved its borders, and many of those lost conveyances eventually became part of the expanding web of the city. In this case, House Rivette—whose scion now sat on the throne as Empress—had claimed a small military boat as the unlikely cairn for their ancestors’ remains.

Their walk had been nerve-wracking as the ship and the cylinder that led to it floated over a large chasm and the remaining buoyancy of the vessel was apparently all that prevented it from falling further and taking the connection to the city with it. The path had swayed and creaked with every step.

The interior of the ship was dimly lit with what looked like flickering tongues of magical flame confined in jars. These provided only enough illumination to see a short distance ahead. Their path had ended at a locked bulkhead door and she had released it with a spell and a command word Emalia had discovered. Her great-aunt, unsurprisingly, had turned out to be a fantastic researcher.

She’s fantastic at everything. Showoff. Cali grinned at the memory of the older woman running through the halls of the Leblanc mansion shouting, “I’ve found the pommel! I’ve found the pommel!”

Three pieces of the heirloom sword she needed to free her brother still lay beyond her grasp. Soon to be two, she reminded herself.And the Draksa’s earlier observation was correct. There was nothing normal about the New Atlantean nobles. “You’re not kidding.”

He turned a wry grin on her. “Except for Wymarc, right?”


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