End Point by Michael Campling

End Point

End Point by Michael Campling
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 483 Kb

End Point : One mission will make or break Sergeant John Chapman’s career; it’s just a damned shame nobody told the enemy. Not everyone has what it takes to join The Cutters, the Cyborg Tactical Response Regiment, but this is John Chapman’s big shot. Taking his unit through his final training mission, he thinks he’s ready for anything. He’s wrong. But maybe, if he digs deep, he’ll find out whether he has what it takes.

“Agreed,” Chapman said. “We can’t get pinned down here. We need to control that intersection. Let’s move!” He found another gear, powering forward, sensing his team keeping pace. In the distance, the intersection with the midship corridor was just visible through the gloom, its dark mouth yawning wide. The corridor was vital, leading directly to the control center, the beating heart of the ship’s critical systems, and that made it essential to Chapman’s simple plan: own the midship corridor, take the control center quickly and defend it, wiping out every bot that came near. Vygotsky’s team would do the same in engineering, and after that, gaining the bridge would be relatively easy. Don’t get too cocky, Chapman scolded himself. The bastards may not be smart, but they don’t know when to quit. And he recalled the lesson drummed into every candidate on day one at Camp Echo: A bot never surrenders.

Chapman fought the urge to look over his shoulder. It wasn’t easy to cast a backward glance in full EVA gear, and anyway, the bots would be there all right; he could count on it. In pursuit mode, cyborgs hunted like a pack of hounds, running their quarry to ground, never slowing nor losing the trail, relentless. And Chapman’s instincts kicked up a flurry of worrying whispers in the back of his mind: Why haven’t they attacked already? They must’ve known we were on board from the second we docked. They should have us in their sights by now.”



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