Endless as the Stars by Domina Alexandra

Endless as the Stars

Endless as the Stars by Domina Alexandra
English | 2021| Romance > FF |ePUB| 6.6 MB

Tia Benson is living her best life until one night takes away the only brother she ever knew. Now without a paramedic partner, Tia must learn how to navigate life on and off duty. Life doesn’t get much easier when she is forced to work with medics who only remind her of what she lost.
After losing her husband on the job, Carina Simpson’s life suddenly spirals out of control. The last thing she expected was to become a single mother overnight to three kids. Broken and alone, Carina takes a risk reaching out to the one person who could possibly understand her pain.
A friendship that begins through loss, gradually develops into something beautiful and unexpected, finding love as Endless as the Stars.


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