Enemy of Magic by Sean Fletcher

Enemy of Magic

Enemy of Magic by Sean Fletcher (New York Academy of Magic Book 3)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Sean Fletcher—Author of Award-Winning YA/MG Fantasy Home Books All Series Mages of New York Series Heir of Dragons Series I Am Phantom Series The Depths of Darkness Series.

If I want to tame my darkness, I’ll have to trust an enemy of magic…
My best friend, Mia, is missing, leaving behind nothing but a cryptic note as to where she went.
Worse, a deadly fugitive has escaped a high-security prison in Paris; and all clues indicate that he wants Mia.
If we’re going to find them both in time we’ll have to become fugitives ourselves. But with allies and enemies alike after us, this quest’s gearing up to be harder to take down than a rabid dragon with a kidney stone. Hey, nobody ever said being a student at the Academy of Magic would be easy.
But as we search, a shocking revelation comes to light: the fugitive has the same magic—the same darkness—I do. And it seems the powers we both possess are far more dangerous than I ever imagined, threatening me, my kinda-sorta-boyfriend Asher, and everyone else I care about.
I have to get this power under control before it destroys me. And the crazy thing is, the prisoner might be the only one who can teach me how. If we can find him. And if he doesn’t kill us first.

he’d never wanted to see this place again.

Mia Marquee peered at the château from where she stood cloaked in the drooping branches and snarled vines of the forest just on the other side of the crumbling stone wall. If anyone was waiting for her at the house, they’d have trouble picking out her short, slight frame from the night-thickened trees.

She squinted, trying to make out any light or movement, any sign there was someone else there. The château looked almost as it had in her childhood: a stoic front of windows and peaked roofs, the previously white marble stained a rotting brown by the harsh elements.

Now the windows were shuttered. Weeds choked the garden where the once immaculately trimmed hedges and flowers had been left to rot. Not a tremble of movement. Not a flicker of a mouse scurrying by or flutter of an owl taking off to hunt.

Still, she knew she wasn’t alone.

Mia took a steadying breath and stepped out of cover. She kept her eyes trained on the house as she walked up the long, sloping lawn toward the front. Her family always left charms for unwelcome visitors. Which applied to anyone and everyone. Most of the charms simply alerted the family of a newcomer’s presence. Others did far, far worse.

But there was no telltale shimmer of magic here. Whatever protection this place had was rotted away along with everything else.

“Good riddance,” Mia muttered, then immediately snapped her mouth shut. Her voice seemed to double in size, echoing over and over in the quiet. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She needed to stay quiet. Someone else was here. After all, it was their note that’d brought her back:

Your family needs you, Mia. Come home and set things right.

Well, she was home. But she wasn’t sure if there was anything that could be set right. The Marquee family had never been right. Nothing she did now could ever change that.

She crouched when she heard voices outside the wall. Figures were moving down the road, their heads bobbing in and out of sight. Mia dipped further into the bushes as the group stopped at the busted gate.

“Keep going…” Mia mumbled. “Keep going…”

There were a dozen other chateaus, estates, manors, and mansions in their valley, remnants of the powerful Supe families that’d ruled this area for generations. All of them sat empty now. This group could search any one of them for who they were looking for.

Mia cursed as the group stepped over the gate and began to fan out across the lawn. One of them was yelling to the others, “Restez à deux. Ne le laisse pas te prendre au dépourvu.”

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