Engraved in Magic by Alex C. Vick

 Engraved in Magic

Engraved in Magic by Alex C. Vick (Beyond Androva, #2)
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult | ePUB | 3.0 MB

I’m Alex. My books are YA fantasy with romantic subplots and a contemporary feel. Right now I’m working on the second Beyond Androva story. I’ve also written The Legacy of Androva, a complete seven-book series, and two out of three books in the Light Mage trilogy.

An ancient criminal. A deadly trade. Every life has a price.
Art’s fourth day as a magician isn’t going very well. Returning to Xytovia to face the consequences of his actions was always going to be a challenge. But getting lost in an enchanted wood and accidentally opening a Dimension Cell creates a complication he and Serena didn’t expect.
Inside the cell is a seventeen-year-old prisoner who says he’s from a different Xytovia. A Xytovia before the war and before mage-sickness. He also makes an extraordinary claim about Art’s magic. One that will change Art’s life forever if it’s true.
The subsequent upheaval catches the attention of a new enemy whose interest in Art’s magic goes far beyond curiosity. While Art and Serena are distracted by their attempts to abolish Xytovia’s Bonding Spell, they don’t realise the danger. They’re up against a unique and deadly skill set, and time is running out…

It was daunting. Facing him across the table that way. I didn’t know how to begin.

‘Let’s go to the beach,’ suggested Serena. ‘Sitting here makes it seem too official.’

‘OK,’ I said, relieved.

We walked into the shade of a tall tree. Its trunk was smooth almost to the very top, where branches spilled outward in all directions. The panorama of sea and sky seemed infinite. I wondered how I could ever go back to my small city apartment.

Galen had refilled our cups with a mixture of water and fruit juice. He offered to turn mine and Serena’s into Portal Remedies.

‘Since you haven’t slept,’ he added.

‘No need,’ said Serena quickly. She grabbed the two cups. ‘I can do it.’

‘It’s a Portal Remedy,’ said Galen, huffing. ‘As made by first years at the Seminary of Magic.’

‘I know. But we should probably each stick to the spells we’re good at.’

She handed a cup to me. Her free hand filled with magic as the spell formed. Glittering blue droplets fell into the cup, merging with the drink and changing its colour from red to purple.

‘I thought your brother was good at everything,’ I said.

‘I’m not. Did she tell you that?’ said Galen.

I considered. ‘She said, ‘You can’t imagine how powerful he is.’ I suppose I assumed…’

He gave me a wry smile. ‘Why do I get the feeling she didn’t mean it in a flattering way?’

I shuffled my feet in the sand.

‘Gale,’ said Serena warningly. ‘Wait until you hear the full story before you interrogate my boyfriend.’

Switching her hand to her own cup, she counted another twenty drops and swirled the liquid from side to side.

‘Boyfriend?’ I asked her in a low voice.

Serena bit her lip. ‘No? But I thought…’ She trailed off.

I stepped closer so I could speak even more quietly. ‘I… well, I kind of hoped I was more than your friend.’

Her expression cleared. ‘You are. That’s what it means. More than a friend. Less than a match.’

‘Oh. Oh,’ I said. ‘You mean like a suitor? That’s what cotidians call it.’

‘What do magicians call it?’ she asked.

I shrugged. ‘We don’t. Straight to matching, remember?’

‘Right. So… is this OK?’

I smiled. ‘Very.’

For a second, I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead she ran her thumb back and forth across my wrist. So lightly I could hardly feel it. Except I could feel it everywhere. My breath caught. Does she know what she’s doing to me?

Serena turned away to drink her remedy. I sipped mine slowly, staring at the horizon and waiting for my heartrate to return to normal. Once we were settled on the sand, I launched straight into the story, not wanting to give my nervousness any chance to increase.

‘Let me explain some of Xytovia’s history. The war and everything. It started over a land dispute. The land where gallium was first discovered. Once the properties of gallium were understood, all good sense disappeared. The world went mad. Two generations later, half the population was dead. Including nine out of ten magicians.



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