Envisioned by Aliya DalRae


Envisioned by Aliya DalRae (Growing Up Dane Book 1)
English | 2020| Young Adult | ePUB | 3.0 MB

Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Kissed?
Maybe, but…
Allie Dane, teenage Werewolf and emerging Alpha, has been tested her entire life, and always come out on top. Being the only paranormal in an all-human high school should be a piece of cake. Then the killings start, and with them emerges a familial trait Allie thought to have passed her by. Seeing visions of her classmates taken out one by one is bad enough… knowing who’s doing it is even worse.
As if her plate weren’t full enough, there’s a new kind of Shifter in town and he has his sights set on Allie. He’s tall, dark, and OMG hot, and while his attentions aren’t unwanted, his motives are questionable at best. Then he looks her in the eye and says those five little words she could never refuse: “Allie, I need your help.”

I smiled and opened my door, pushing him out of the way in the process. “Get in,” I said, and he did. I waited a few minutes for the bus parade to clear, then headed out.

Fallen Cross was a farming community, and someone, in their infinite wisdom, had decided to build the high school on a big plot of grass out in the middle of nowhere. Turn one way, and you ended up on a whole lot of back roads lined with corn and soybean fields. Go the other way, and eventually you’d hit town. Kyle lived in town, while I … didn’t.

“Did you hear about Jenny Benson?” he asked as I pulled onto the main road.

“Nope.” I checked my mirrors as I sped things up, cracking my window to let in a little of the still-warm October air.

“They found her out on Conservancy Road, near Germantown, all chewed up. They’re calling it an animal attack, but they aren’t saying what kind. Rumor is it was a bobcat, but nobody’s seen one of those around Fallen Cross in a long time.”

Of course, mention of any kind of animal attack raised my hackles. My dad was pretty good about keeping his wolves in line, but there were still some loners out there who didn’t take kindly to my daddy’s ascension.

Before Patrick Dane became the Fallen Cross Alpha, our Pack was made up of mostly drug dealers and gun runners. The previous Alpha, Derrick Devaris, was the worst of the bunch. Folks around Fallen Cross or its neighbors, even places as far away as Dayton, were known to disappear from their lives only to turn up on Pack property. There, they either died or woke up as Werewolves on the next full moon.

To my knowledge, there hadn’t been a Werewolf attack in nearly seven years. Most of Devaris’ hangers-on had either gone their merry way or been disappeared themselves, courtesy of my dad or Butch Montgomery. Butch was the Pack’s enforcer and, by no coincidence, also happened to be my godfather. Good guy to have on your side, but you didn’t want to piss him off.

Kyle was going on about the gruesome details surrounding Jenny’s death, and the more he talked, the more anxious I became. My palms were slick with sweat, making the steering wheel slippery, and my vision went all blurry.

Out of nowhere, a figure appeared in the road. A huge black wolf stood on all fours over what appeared to be some very large roadkill. As we neared, the wolf turned its head toward us, scarlet blood dripping from its muzzle, its glowing eyes pinning my frantic gaze. I stepped on the gas, determined to run it down, seeing the roadkill for what it was … a girl with brown hair and her throat torn out.

I heard someone screaming from far away, but it was a buzzing sound in my ears. I had to stop this, had to kill the monster in the road before it brought attention to my Pack.

The screaming grew louder and louder, and I recognized it as someone calling my name over and over. Something touched my shoulder, and I tore my eyes from the road to see what new hell had laid hands upon me.



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