Ep.#12 – “A Price Too High”by Ryk Brown

Ep.#12 -

Ep.#12 – “A Price Too High” by Ryk Brown (The Frontiers Saga – Part 2: Rogue Castes)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 386 Kb

Ep.#12 -:The Dusahn have taken a massive blow, and with the Aurora’s improved jump range, Captain Scott and the Karuzari Alliance can finally keep them at arms length.

Now, a previously unknown world may hold the key to defeating the Dusahn, and possibly even to bring peace to the entire galaxy.

The question is…Can they be trusted?

“A Price Too High” is the 12th episode in Part 2 of the Frontiers Saga: Rogue Castes. Episode 13 is coming soon!

“Then we will shorten our cycles and attack with greater frequency.”

“Vol, there just isn’t enough time,” Isa argued. “Even if that works, at least one of those cruisers is going to get through. For the sake of all those people, we need to swallow our Gunyoki pride and call for help. We need the Aurora.”

“That is the math?”

“That is the math,” Isa confirmed.

“How much time until impact?”

“Forty-seven minutes until the lead ship impacts the surface.”

Vol sighed. “Two, One, I am out of comm-drones. I need you to send word to the Aurora. Inform them that we are unable to destroy the cruisers before they reach the planet. If they are unable to assist, we need to warn the population.”

“To what end?” Isa wondered. “There’s no time to evacuate them.”

“They can at least make peace with their God,” Vol said.

There was silence for several seconds.

Launching comm-drone,” his wingman finally acknowledged from Tekka Two.

* * *

“Update from Tekka One,” Naralena reported from the Aurora’s comm-station. “Commander Kaguchi reports they will be unable to destroy all three ships in time. At least one, possibly two, of the Orswellan cruisers will reach the planet.”

“How long?” Nathan asked.

“He estimates forty-seven minutes,” Naralena replied, “and the time stamp on the message shows it is two minutes old.”



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