Essence of Chaos by Marie Andreas

Essence of Chaos

Essence of Chaos by Marie Andreas (The Books of the Cuari Book 1)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Not her world. Not her body. All her problems.
When monstrous hounds chase Jenna Reilly into a ditch outside LA, she finds herself thrown into a world far stranger than Los Angeles — and trapped in a body that isn’t her own.
The inhuman man who rescues her has been hunting monsters, and finding Jenna is a clue to a coming apocalypse. Forces of a lost evil from the past are coming back to reclaim their land. Over the centuries, a select group of people had been in place to stop that from ever happening.
One of these was the woman whose body Jenna had been slammed into.
Unfortunately, the body’s previous owner had been brutally mind-sacrificed by the followers of the dark gods, leaving Jenna with no knowledge of how she was to stop the coming slaughter of the world she was now in. The uncontrolled magical powers that are growing inside her could save this world, or seal its fate in brutality and horror.
A brutality that would branch back to Earth after it destroys this world.

Jenna Reilly was swear-til-you-turn-blue lost. Not the making a left instead of a right lost, but the where-is-the-damn-road lost. She’d come out to just outside of Barstow, a desert town more known for being a stopping point to Las Vegas than for anything important, for what she thought was a newly discovered ancient burial dig site to gather supporting evidence for another dissertation. But there had been a large stand of trees, big ones, where there shouldn’t have been anything larger than chaparral. Then her not so reliable ten-year-old car died, her cell phone gave its last gasp, and she’d brilliantly thought of walking the rest of the way to the location.

That had been two hours ago, and she not only hadn’t found the location of the supposed burial site, she’d now managed to lose her monstrosity of a car when she gave up and turned back.

“It’s here, I know it’s here.” The mantra was more for her own peace of mind than anything else. She was starting to get scared. And dizzy. The dizziness had started not too long after leaving the car and was getting worse. Logic said to sit down until it passed; emotion said to keep going until she found her way back. Everything she looked at had a weird double image to it, like a twisted afterimage that wasn’t exactly the same as the original. The more she walked, the more the images differed from each other.

A thin shape brought her to a stumbling halt as it darted ahead of her. The body looked like a distorted version of a greyhound. While she knew the animals were popular pets, she doubted anyone was letting them run wild in the backcountry of Los Angeles. A moment later another long, lean, and slightly blurred shape broke to the left. Her dizziness grew worse and she dropped to her knees.

“Is someone out here? This isn’t funny.” She reached into the pocket of her jacket. “I’ve got a gun and I’m not afraid to use it.” There was nothing in her pocket beyond car keys and a dead cell phone, but hopefully it would scare off most people. Living in Los Angeles her entire life meant she would assume the worst, then be grateful if it didn’t happen.

Her only answer was an increase in the blurs around her, closer, but still too fast for her to identify beyond vaguely dog shaped. The blurs made the dizziness worse, pain shot through her head, and then darkness overtook her, and she collapsed.

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