Eternal Enemy: Memories of Earth Box Set by James David Victor

Eternal Enemy

Eternal Enemy: Memories of Earth Boxed Set 3 by James David Victor (#7-9)
English | 2020| Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.4 MB

The only hope for the future may be lost in the distant past. The Eternal Empress has an unstoppable weapon and is on the verge of enslaving the galaxy. As the battle for freedom intensifies, Anders, Dalia, and their friends must find a weapon that has been lost in time. Can they find a way to overcome their indomitable enemy or will they be wiped from history for all time? The Eternal Enemy Boxed Set contains the last three books in the Memories of Earth space opera. If you enjoy stories of fantastic alien worlds, space travel, and genetic engineering, the Memories of Earth series will be right up your alley.

Stories Included:
The Secari Connection
Fallen Earth
Eternal Enemy

“You were selling your wares at the Ascension Bridge, were you not?” the commander-general asked, indicating the wide emporium district that edged the final spaceport that led from Welcome to Imperial 1.

“I-I was, sir…” Mr. Fra’Erdolan nodded quickly, eager to help.

“And that was when the containment alarms were activated around the Secari traveler, correct?” Cread said, more as a statement than a question. This was all stuff that Cread knew already, of course. He had watched the surveillance drone replays of the scene three times over, just to make sure.

Each holo-recording displayed precisely the same thing. The Secari crab-man suddenly starting to sneeze, and the paranoid biological sensor drones throwing a light, and then a containment field around it.

But then…

“And it was at this point that you said that the biological sensor drone was shot down?” Cread said. He had also seen the footage suddenly stop, as the other surveillance drones recorded a flash of purple and white light.

The Throne Marines on guard at the time had of course responded quickly and with extreme prejudice—scattering the screaming and panicking people to allow the Marines to surround the ill Secari crab-man and terminate him.

They thought it was the crab-man who shot down the sensor drone, Cread thought. But he knew better.

“Y-yes, sir, the Secari shot it down—” Fra’Erdolan was saying.

Lies!” Cread snapped, darting forward to deliver another ringing slap across the reddened cheek of the vape merchant. “That is not true, is it!?” he hissed as he drew back his hand for another blow.

“I— I thought…” Mr. Fra’Erdolan said.

You thought!?” Cread growled menacingly. Stars help me from what the bulk of commonplace humanity thinks! He could have screamed, but he did not. He sighed once more and reminded himself of what precisely he was trying to achieve here. It was not the point of this interrogation to try and gain useful information from this vape merchant, after all.

No, Commander-General Cread was only trying to find evidence of aberrance.

“The sensor drone was not shot down by the Secari,” Cread said, gesturing with one hand for a holo-field to spring into the air beside them. It showed one of the other angles of the altercation, with the purple and white sparks frozen across the emporium of Ascension Bridge and the panicked people running. It was a still-frame, and Cread pointed toward one end of the image.

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