Ethereal Ascendant by Luke DeSalvo

Ethereal Ascendant

Ethereal Ascendant by Luke DeSalvo (The Seventh Season #1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 430 Kb

Ethereal Ascendant: “The Seventh Season has many aspects both alarming and charming to the soul. An age of the enlightened and mystery. One cannot describe such raw potential. It is both secret and open. As if describing color to the blind. A dream of portraits.”

Clairvona Aya, Sleet
Scion of Systralas

A legend is being birthed to Systralas. A planet that is torn asunder by chaos and war. Six heroes, all called forth by the Scion, are assembled from tragedy to restore balance by bringing the beloved seventh season back into existence. To do this, they must end the goals of a treacherous guild by searching deep within themselves for the answers that only destiny can provide. Their mission granted, requires them to face the might of a legion, spoil their plans of Armageddon and assassinate their deadly leader, Danielle Avilya.

“Ildarachi,” Phiamon began. “You are haunted by Malifer, he is you. With your inhuman nature you cannot remain here any longer. This act was forbidden. Silver Aura is your home no longer.”

The man on the bed, listened with his head down, filled with horrid remorse at the thoughts of his no being.

“You are exiled!” Phiamon called.

“Where do I go then!?” Ildarachi nearly shouted. His heart was broken in two.

Phiamon crossed his arms, then smiled.

“You will seek refuge with Golden Hearts,” He stated.” …With her.”

The shadowy form that was once crying entered the pale lit light, a beautiful woman appeared that wiped away her tears. Jason and her eyes met with love and remembrance.

“Aurora, you’re alright!” Ildarachi called, staggering out of his bed.

She ran to Ildarachi and flung herself to the sickened man and embraced him long and hard, the sobbing continued.

“Silly,” She snuffled. “You can never hurt me.” She said, hugging him even more tight.”

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