Eve of Destruction by James S. Aaron, M. D. Cooper

Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction by James S. Aaron, M. D. Cooper (Aeon 14: Solar War 1)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 474 Kb

Eve of Destruction : The lines are drawn, now the war is coming.

“Offensive is right,” Daria said.

Cara rolled her eyes at the joke. “How’d they know I was here? It was like they were waiting as soon as we entered Marsian space.”

“They’re not Marsian, though,” Daria pointed out. “That’s a TSF long-range attack cruiser. The railguns are proof. And his message is a little late, since they already fired on us.”

Cara grimaced. “That was probably just a warning. We shouldn’t have escaped it.”

Sam cursed from one of the overhead speakers, her voice crackling. “You mean I put the engine through hell for nothing? We just wasted a week’s worth of fuel for that little stunt. And I banged my toe.”

“I’ll come kiss it for you,” Chab offered.

“Don’t test me,” Sam said. “I’m busy. If we’re going to outrun a TSF attack cruiser, I need to figure out how to squeeze some juice out of this lemon.”

Daria shot Cara a worried look. They all knew the Forward Momentum couldn’t outrun a war ship. The little frigate had done well against freighters out in the Scattered Disk, but back in InnerSol, they were a little fish among sharks.

Cara glanced at the cabinet near the exit hatch that held her dad’s weapons case. The Forward Momentum had been on an extended burn back into InnerSol so she could plant that case on the top of a building in Jerhattan and light it on fire with a plasma grenade.

They had all understood the danger in returning to InnerSol. Each member of the crew had some warrant or bounty waiting for them between Earth, Mars and the Jovian Combine, but they had thought the risk low enough to make it worthwhile. No one should have noticed a shabby frigate limping along the shipping lanes.

That obviously wasn’t how things had worked out. They were trapped, and unless Cara made a quick decision, the ship and its crew were going to be split apart by a TSF railgun.

Cara was a hacker, not a pirate, but maybe it was pride that kept her mentally circling the situation, looking for a way to pop the pins out of its door hinges so they could all escape.

Cara shook her head.

“I’m not letting all of you get hurt for my sake,” she said. “I’m going. I’ll take the shuttle.”

“You’re going?” Daria said. “What do you mean ‘going’?”

Cara unstrapped herself from the command console and stood stiffly. Her holstered pulse pistol slapped her hip as she stretched.

“You’re going to go talk to them?” Chab asked.

“Sure,” Cara said. “I’ll go out and talk to them. And while I’m doing that, the rest of you are going to burn every bit of fuel we’ve got so you can get the hell out of here.”

Daria stared at her for what felt like a minute. The pilot’s dark eyes shimmered with tears.”




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