Ever Fade by Alexia Purdy

Ever Fade

Ever Fade by Alexia Purdy (A Dark Faerie Tale #9)
English | 2019 | Children/Young Adult | ePUB | 2.2 MB

Shade lost everything to save the Land of Faerie, but she was never one to conform to anything.

Learning her role as a new Ancient of Faerie, Shade struggles with the loss of her humanity. As she navigates her new life, it reveals some hard truths; she’s an anomaly, an aberration of faery laws. How does a halfling become an all-powerful Ancient? Why does her magic remain unaffected? Why does her heart still ache with longing for her family? The courts are asunder, turning on each other as the human world threatens to swallow the magical land. Shade is unwilling to help but must face a difficult choice between her family, or her duties. Will she find a way to return to the ones she loves for good or fade into the oblivion of Faerie forever?

My heart was colder than the depths of the ocean and had hardened the day I’d become an Ancient. There was no looking back, and to me, there was no forward, so I’d encased myself in this shell and tucked away what little humanity was left.

I now understood why Kilara had kept her sarcophagus deep beneath the water. No wonder she had chosen to lie there for years upon years, all alone. The freezing depths of Lake Tahoe, known to the fae as Lake Elidar, was the perfect place to hide from the pain of the world. I almost wanted to make a sanctuary there myself and lock this corpse away beneath the darkness of the lake, to never reawaken again. I saw the appeal of it. I craved the isolation.

This heated castle, with an inferno roaring beneath it, was oppressively hot and chafed against my soul. Why remain here? There were so many places I could go. Why did I let Arthas humor me and talk endlessly about his plans and aspirations? I hated him. I hated all this, and yet I didn’t leave. My body refused to move from this dreadful place.

This was Arthas’s new castle. The Castle of Coals and Fire. His first Unseelie Palace created just for him and not the domain of an Ancient. It would become one eventually, like The Withering Palace, but as of right now, it was all his.

I did not have a home or a dwelling to call my own. I had left it all behind when I’d become this thing. I craved nothing more than to feel nothing at all.

I turned to leave the room. It was Arthas’s side of the castle anyway. I could feel his eyes digging into my back. He thought bringing me here would bring us closer, but all it had done was make me resent him and grow restless. I couldn’t relate to him. I didn’t want to give him a chance even though I let him mentor me; he spoke of the events of the distant past and the extent of our powers, which did hold some fascination. Faerie was generous, and the four Ancients were powerful.


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