Every Missing Thing by Martyn Ford

Every Missing Thing

Every Missing Thing by Martyn Ford
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.2 MB

One family. Two missing children. A lifetime of secrets.

Ten-year-old Ethan Clarke’s disappearance gripped the nation. Just as his parents are starting to piece together a life ‘after Ethan’, their world is ripped apart once more when their daughter, Robin, disappears in almost identical circumstances. They’ve lost two children within a decade … and now doubts about their innocence are setting in.

Detective Sam Maguire’s obsession with the first case cost him his own family, but he has unfinished business with the Clarkes. He is convinced that discovering what happened to Ethan holds the key to finding Robin. But what if the Clarkes know more than they’re letting on?

With the world watching eagerly, the clock is ticking for Sam as he embarks on an investigation that forces him to confront his own demons. To uncover the truth, he must follow a trail of devastating deception—but the truth always comes at a cost

‘In the boot of your car.’ He watched him closely.

Pupils darted, searching the room for an explanation – for an answer, a word, a sound, anything. ‘I . . . please. Just, for a moment, think what this is like for me. Can you imagine the pain we’re going through? Can you imagine what it feels like to lose Robin as well? For this to happen to us again? Just . . . please . . . even if you don’t believe me, please just imagine the horror if I am telling the truth.’

Sam stared at him for a long, long time. In any other scenario, such sustained eye contact could only end in conflict or love. And then he sighed. ‘That was a lie,’ Sam added. ‘I said they’d found blood in the boot of your car, but it was on the passenger seat. You know how I feel about lying. I am sorry.’

Rolling his head back, Francis let out a single, desperate whimper. ‘You’re testing me, fine. Good. Did I pass?’

‘Let’s move to the other option. Whoever took Ethan has come back for Robin. And they want it to look like you’re to blame.’

‘Well . . .’ Francis shrugged – hopeless jitters. ‘Yeah, I mean . . . I guess?’

‘Listen to me, I think they want to charge you with murder.’

Francis covered his mouth and tears finally trickled down his cheeks, as though he’d been holding them back for the sharpest cut. ‘Does that mean they’re going to stop looking for her?’

‘No, of course not. But they will push you for a confession. They will try and make the Ethan case fit too. Plenty who want that to be true.’

‘You know I didn’t kill Ethan.’

Nodding, Sam echoed those words. ‘I know.’

There was no one on earth who knew more about the disappearance of Ethan Clarke than Sam Maguire. The tabloids, the comment sections, the supermarket queues – they all had their theories, ranging from plausible to downright supernatural. But they were all wrong. Sam didn’t know what had happened to Ethan Clarke, but he had a long list of things that didn’t happen to him. Murdered by his parents was one of them.



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